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Nanda Putri Rahmania

Hi! I'm Nanda, Welcome to My Creative Universe!

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Engineering Expertise

Explore my world as an Electrical Engineer, where innovation meets precision. Dive into projects, technical insights, and the fascinating realm of electrical engineering. From circuit designs to tech innovations, witness the fusion of creativity and technical brilliance.

Creative Design Hub​

Immerse yourself in the artistry of a Graphic Designer and Website Developer. Experience the blend of aesthetics and functionality in every design. From captivating graphics to seamless website interfaces, discover a visual journey that sparks inspiration and leaves a lasting impression.

Storyteller & Events Maven​

Embark on a narrative adventure with a Writer, Content Creator, and Event Organizer. Delve into compelling stories, insightful articles, and engaging content across various topics. Explore the behind-the-scenes of event planning, organization tips, and the art of creating memorable experiences.